Organically Grow Your Instagram Audience

Now, being that I only have about 13K Instagram followers, I'm not one to give advice on how to grow your audience.  However, I will tell you that ever since I started strategically using the platform about a month ago (I know, it's about time), I've noticed a spike in my following and engagement so I thought I'd share a few tricks with you.  


Create a content calendar

You need to have strategy behind what you post.  Create a content calendar at least a week out (I like to focus monthly so it aligns with my blog).  This way, you can spend time shooting exactly what you need and have a nice mix.

Test hashtags

#MyFitnessJourney does so much better that #FitSpo for me.  I've been testing hashtags in the beauty, wellness and inspiration space and while sometimes I use all of them (guilty), I'm beginning to learn which ones attract the right audience to my content.

Test the timing of your posts

I've been following these guidelines for the best times to post on Instagram and have been trying to stick to it.  

Engage, engage, engage

I was simply using Instagram to follow my friends and some industry experts, and never truly paid attention to anyone else's content.  In the beginning of the new year, I decided to step up my game and actually put some effort into it.  The trick is, you need to search through hashtags you use for like minded people, follow them and engage with them.  That way, they end up finding you and sometimes following you back, liking and commenting on your posts.  It takes time, but is well worth it if you're trying to grow your Instagram account for business purposes.  There's a company called River that'll do this on your behalf for a monthly fee.  

Pay attention

If you've been following my Instagram lately, you'll notice I've been posting a ton more fitness based images than beauty.  You guys are liking them so much more than any of my other content! If you pay close attention to your engagement and understand who your followers are, you'll be able to deliver content that's on-brand for you, yet created for them.